Boost your Insights with Lactate Express

The new Lactate Meter from mesics® with app-powered lactate analysis and training planning. Available from November, 1. 2023

Train Smarter, Not Harder:
Harness Lactate Measurement
for Optimal Results

Lactate Express is the world’s first app-driven lactate meter, meticulously crafted for mesics Germany, the global leader in lactate diagnostics software. Designed to cater to athletes, trainers, and professionals like you, this cutting-edge device delivers fast and precise results, boasting an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Whether you’re training outdoors, pushing your limits in the gym, or analyzing performance in a state-of-the-art laboratory, Lactate Express rises to the occasion. Designed to excel in the field and the gym, it empowers coaches and athletes to swiftly measure lactate levels, opening doors to precise endurance assessments and tailored training programs.

Armed with a memory capable of storing up to 800 results and full Bluetooth® compatibility with your iOS Device and heart rate monitors, Lactate Express equips you with the data you need to make informed decisions for optimized training and personalized target heart rate zones.


Only 0,8μl blood sample required.


Convenient, automatically turns on when you insert a test strip, and comes with safe strip ejection features. More benefits? Strips can be stored at room temperature and are available from 1,98 EUR.



Lactate Express comes with Bluetooth
connection and mesics®
Software for lactate
analytics and training planning.

Get the gold standard
in lactate kinetics software
in your hands.

Take your training to the next level, whether as an individual athlete or with your entire team. The Lactate Express App offers unwavering support with its array of professional reports and personalized training plans. So remarkable, they're not just valuable for your progress, but they're also marketable.

Create complete lactate diagnostics in under 5 minutes. Enter your determined stage test data into the App, select a lactate model and a training plan. Lactate Express takes care of the rest. Your report is ready.

Lactate Express comes with mesics® lactate kinetics App for your entry into professional lactate performance diagnostics.

Import step-test data directly from the Lactate Express

A special Bluetooth service scans the environment for your Lactate Express and provides you with a seamless import of lactate values. Typing errors excluded. Generate training plans and professional reports in your design. Training plans based on lactate diagnostics. Planable as a framework plan - only to be applied later. It couldn't be easier. The integrated result reports can be customized by you in the Professional Edition.